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Pay Renewal (Retention) Experts to Treat the Business Like Itā€™s Theirs

Pay Renewal Sales Experts for Activities & Results that

  • Maximize Customer Retention, Agency Growth, & Profit
  • Minimize Team Member Turnover & Related Costs

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The 3 Experts for Your Multiline Insurance Agency

Simplify Your Staffing, Hiring, Onboarding, Compensation, Training & Firing by Running Your Agency with 3 Primary Roles

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Paying Profitable Base Salaries

Make Each Team Member Profitable by Rewarding them for Retaining Your Renewal BookĀ 


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Staffing for Optimum Profit

Save $25k to $50k or More in Staffing Expenses
This Year & Every Year by Having
the Right Number of Team Members
at the Right Base Salary Amount

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The 1st (Profitable) Hire for Your Multiline Insurance Agency

Many insurance agency owners start as solopreneurs & get caught by the golden handcuffs of their profit MARGINS without focusing on growing TOTAL NET PROFIT.

Learn WHO should be your best hire, so you do it safely & affordably.Ā 

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Staffing Your Insurance Agency Dynasty

How Insurance Agency Owners Staff Profitable Multiline Agencies that are Great for Decades -- So They Never Have to Retire.

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Schedule a Strategy Session

We’ll Discuss Your

  1. Biggest Goal - If you or your agency could only achieve 1 thing in the next 12 months, what would it be?
  2. Value of Biggest Goal - What's it worth to you (money, free time and / or happiness) to achieve this goal?
  3. Biggest Frustration - If you could "fix" 1 thing in your agency in the next 12 months, what would it be?
  4. Frustration Cost - What is your biggest frustration COSTING you (money, free time and / or happiness)?


Then, We’ll Discuss the Plan & Expected Results

  • Which goal(s) are likely to be achieved and how long it usually takes, based on our experience.
  • The best way to help you achieve your goals, based on your style and time available to implement.
  • Your anticipated time investments & money investments.
  • What guarantees we can make