Agency Automation & 4-Day Work Week Systems for Multiline Insurance Agency Owners


More Money in Less Time Doing Better Work

Learn how the best Multiline Insurance Agency OWNERS run their agencies for optimum INCOME, FREE TIME & ENJOYMENT.

Some work 50+ hours per week...  earn less than they like... and don't get to do work they enjoy...

Others choose their hours, the type of work & clients they desire, and (for the most part) their income.

Access the video now to see what they're doing... that you're probably not doing... but could be.

Agency Owners Making Their Businesses More Automatic

Dennia Beard

Agency Owner - Benton, AR

Before his coaching, I was working a minimum of 55 hours each week to hard-earned average results.

Once I found the courage to give up my early Saturday mornings and at least one afternoon a week, I found more peace and less worry pretty immediately.

Wade not only provides me with incredible insight in coaching but the accountability I need to ensure I don't forget about me. I think of him and his company like an oxygen mask in an airplane. They're that necessary.

Larry Hall

Agency Owner - Richmond, WA

I've been able to get a handle on the lapse cancellation rate and clarity roles for my team members.

I was working 60 to 70 hours a week, now I'm down to 30.

If you're even thinking about doing the coaching program, I highly recommend you just do it.

Implementation Program


Online Program

Learn the 12 Steps to Creating an Automatic Insurance Agency (in depth) one at a time.

  • Get in depth training videos, tools, templates & more.
  • Use the AUTOMATIC INSURANCE AGENCY BLUEPRINT software to create and implement your Game Plan.
  • Get all Sales Process Word Tracks & Related Tracking Tools.
  • Lifetime access to online content once fully purchased.


Private Coaching

12 Monthly Private Coaching Calls to help you...

  • Ask deeper questions about your agency.
  • Create greater accountability as you execute.
  • Gain unique perspective about your agency.
  • Make the $25k - $50k+ decisions with extra support, expertise & confidence. 

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