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The Automatic Insurance Agency

The Automatic Insurance Agency

This show teaches Multiline Insurance Agency Owners how to Help More People & Make More Money... In Less Time... Doing What You Do Best.
Proven fundamentals, strategies, & tools equip you to build a team of professionals dedicated to growing their income & your agency.
If you're ready to start living the life and creating the business you imagined when you first got started, you're in the right place.

Topics will include
• Team Member Compensation
• Agency Profitability (Overall and by Team Member)
• Marketing Success & ROI
• Social Media Marketing & Network Marketing Strategies
• Multiline Sales Process to Increase Client Reviews, Life & Health Insurance, & Other Financial Service Sales
• Team Member Role Clarity
• Accountability
• Sales Activity Optimization
• Staffing for Optimum Profit & Building the Agency Dynasty
• Recruiting Process for Superstars (Retention Experts, Auto / Fire Acquisition Specialists, Multiline Review Experts & Agency Automators)
• Delegation
• Work a 4 Days per Week or Less while Maintaining Excellent Results
• Lifestyle Optimization (Create the Life You Desire Outside of Work)

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Recent Episodes

10. Pivoting - Step 7 to Create an Automatic Insurance Agency

Sept. 21, 2021

Get producers asking about Life, Health, Disability, Umbrella policies and more... right from the Auto or Home policy conversation.

9. Acquisition - Step 6 to Create an Automatic Insurance Agency

Sept. 16, 2021

Make your new business acquisition sales processes multidimensional to increase your sales options and volume.

8. Retention - Step 5 to Create an Automatic Insurance Agency

Sept. 9, 2021

Minimize customer defection & policy lapses... maximize retention rate... multiply renewal income.

7. Accountability - Step 4 to Create an Automatic Insurance Agency

Sept. 7, 2021

(1) Define performance success & failure., (2) Name rewards & consequences, (3) Coach team members & enforce standards.

6. Motivation - Step 3 to Create an Automatic Insurance Agency

Sept. 4, 2021

Create Huge Financial and Non-Financial Opportunities for Those Who Succeed in Implementing Your Automatic Insurance Agency Vision.

5. Role Clarity - Step 2 to Create an Automatic Insurance Agency

Sept. 2, 2021

Clarify Roles of the Experts Who will Implement your Automatic Insurance Agency Vision.