The Automatic Insurance Agency Accountability Enforcer

Make More Money in Less Time by Getting Producers to EXECUTE

  • Learn to leverage the 3 Expert Roles (Retention, P&C Growth & Multiline) to Increase Accountability.
  • Use proven templates to Create Performance Standards plus Rewards & Consequences for each Expert role.
  • Tailor our pre-built Production Milestone Requirements to your agency & team.
  • Follow our guide for Training Programs, Learning Expectations & Requirements for new hires & trainees.
  • Clarify Exact Job Responsibilities for agency roles to help pay accurate & fair base salaries.
  • Set clear expectations to be met for producers to Earn Promotions and move from one job class to the next.
  • Coach Producers to Perform at their top levels by aligning their goals with agency goals.
  • Teach producers to Maximize Productivity & Results by improving their ability to execute your best strategies.


  • Coaching Videos to Teach the Big Picture Strategies
  • Implementation Training Videos to help you implement the strategies.
  • Coaching & Software Tools to help you create, implement and enforce your ACCOUNTABILITY BLUEPRINT.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to software, online membership & future upgrades once you pass the refund period.


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