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Books by Wade Galt, CPCU, CLU

Wade has written books on Automating Insurance Agencies, Lifestyle Optimization, Relationships, Finances, Spirituality & Parenting.

Below are 2 books that relate to the 4-Day Work Week Strategies for your Insurance Agency and Enjoying Our Most Important Relationships.

To see all the books Wade has published, click here.

The 23 Reasons Most Insurance Agents Can't Work a 4-Day Work Week

(And How to Fix Them)

For the Business Owner who wants to...

(1) Define their life more by what they do outside of work...

(2) Spend more time enjoying friends, family and recreation...

(3) Find the time to do so while still running a great & fun business.



Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is

A Simple Guide to Spending Your Money, Time & Life Purposefully

The most costly expenses come from our inability to get approval from ourselves.

Clothes, toys, relationships, substances, and achievements are just some of the external sources that we use to try and feel good.

Learn to free up additional time, money and energy by redefining your relationships with money, time, people, and things. This down-to-earth approach marks your first steps towards lasting transformation of your personal and professional lives.



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