1 Investment of $12,000


  1. Take Action & Do the Work
  2. Ask for Help When Needed
  3. Contact Wade with any questions.

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Automatic Insurance Agency YEAR 1 - SMALL GROUP Coaching Program

  • 2 Strategy Group Calls / Month (Usually Weeks 1&3)
  • 2 Progress / Q&A Calls / Month (Usually Weeks 2&4)
  • Two 2-Day Workshops in FL (Apr/May & Oct/Nov)
  • Implementation Software, Templates, & Tools 
  • MoneyTime Income Optimization Software ($100)
  • Agency Profit Fix Course & Software ($300 Retail)
  • Multiline Sales Pivoting Mastery Course ($500)
  • Family Insurance Coach Sales Training ($1,000)
  • 1 Year of SMART SAO Bonus System ($2,000 Retail)
  • Learn from Other Successful Agency Owners
  • Max of 12 People per Coaching Group


2x ROI on Your Money + 10x ROI On Your Time or 120% Refund GUARANTEE



If you are a Multiline Insurance Agency Owner

With at least $200,000 of Gross Agency Revenue

Working at least 32 Hours per Week



And if you…

  • Invest $12,000

  • Fully Attend at least 18 of 24 Groups Coaching Calls

  • Do the Implementation Work and Share It with Me



Over those 12 months, you will…

1) MAKE at Least $24,000 More Net Income

2) WORK 20% LESS HOURS EACH WEEK (At Least 240 Less Hours per Year)

3) DELEGATE 80% of the Low Dollar Work You Should Not Be Doing

4) INCREASE YOUR SALES by 20% or More



Or I will…

  • REFUND All Your Money ($12,000) +

  • PAY YOU $2,400 for Your Time ($100 per Group Call)

  • $14,400 TOTAL (120%)


What People Are Saying:

Thank you for everything you've done. I love the coaching program so much. We've retooled our compensation with the bonus program, and you’ve served as a mentor and coach to help me restructure & reorganize our entire operation. It's helped every one of our staff members grow tremendously in their career paths, with their designations, and professionally – plus everybody's making more money. They see the incentives benefit them each time they do a step in the process. You’re helping us better engage our staff, team members, and associates. I can't thank you enough. I look forward to the future and many great years to come.

Brian Hayden, Insurance Agency Owner - Oxford, MS

Two words... "Life Changing" Wade is part of The Jackson Insurance Group Legacy. Before Wade, I was working endlessly with no vision or clarity of how, when, and where I was going. His program has given me pinpoint laser focus. The program has taken me from working 70+ hours a week to working 35 hours a week + delegating low-dollar tasks & focusing on more impactful & high-dollar tasks. This is just the beginning and there is so much more to his program and I'm looking to implementing and mastering his program. Follow Wade's advice & plan to create a more profitable agency, an endless stream of residual income, passive income once you have your team in place, & a love for life!

Jason Jackson, Insurance Agency Owner - Clinton, OK

Before his coaching began, I was working a minimum of 55 hours each week to hard-earned average results. While initially terrified to cut back my work hours and spend more time personally, I quickly realized working smarter and structuring my week for efficiency provided much peace, and surprisingly, no different production. Once I found the courage to give up my early Saturday mornings and at least one afternoon a week, I found more peace and less worry happened pretty immediately.

Dennia Beard, Multiple Insurance Agency Owner - Benton, AR

I was working 60 to 70 hours a week, now I'm down to 30. If you're even thinking about doing the coaching program, I highly recommend you just do it. You'll get more quality of life than you've previously had.

Larry Hall - Insurance Agency Owner - Richmond, WA

Since starting the program, I am consistently working a three day work week & delegating enough to possibly cut this down more. I am making more money & I am having more fun! I have taken up yoga and snow skiing with the time that I’ve freed up, with ZERO negative impact on my business or finances. I’ve decided to let my business work for me, not the other way around.

Jenny Weidner, Insurance Agency Owner - Allen, TX

The program has helped me create more profit and a better way of thinking about my business in terms of profit and quality of life. I’m working 1.5 hours less a week on a regular basis. When you consider the vacation time I have taken I’m going to easily cut 240 total hours for the year in comparison to last year.

Mark Cramer, Insurance Agency Owner - Malvern, AR

After completing the program, I can say that my net income is up considerably over last year. Wade and I looked at each person as a profit center and adjusted team bonuses to reflect what the agency could afford to pay for various results. The tools provided during the program helped me analyze my business and make improvements at a whole different level. This was definitely worth the time, money and effort.

Marilyn Lewis, Insurance Agency Owner- Carson City, NV

Wade is fantastic. I have invested in all of Wade's programs and my return from them has been nothing short of PHENOMENAL! I am taking more time off to be with my family, increased my bottom line, and done so in a little over 6 months while decreasing my stress by a truckload.

Brian Anastasio, Insurance Agency Owner - Albuquerque, NM

The coaching has helped me understand my agency on a larger basis - how to retain, how to grow, how to multi-line our business. I recommend Wade for his practical applications, his knowledge and caring ways for State Farm agents.

Steve Diorio, Multiple Insurance Agency Owner - Wayne, PA