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Sell More Auto, Fire, Life, Health, Bank & Disability Products by Helping Your Clients Find the Money to Protect Their Income, Loved Ones & Assets


Family Insurance Coach

Online Group Coaching Program
  • 3 Group Training Calls / Month on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm EDT (12:30 CDT, 11:30 am MDT, 10:30 PDT)
    • Usually the first 3 Tuesdays of Every Month
  • 3 "Role Play 1-on-1 with Others" Calls / Month on Thursdays at 1:30 pm EDT (12:30 CDT, 11:30 am MDT, 10:30 PDT)
    • Usually the first 3 Thursdays of Every Month 
  • Related Sales Tools & Forms + Sales Conversation Guides
  • Activity & Conversion Tracking Tools
  • Lifetime Access to Online Training Content (Videos, Tools)
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for Any Reason
  • 5x Investment ROI or Money Back *

Bottom Line & Guarantee

  • Producers Learn to Sell More Life & Disability Income

* 5x Investment ROI or Money Back

  1. Implement Program Game Plan for 12 Months
  2. Attend at Least 75% of the Group Calls
  3. Earn 5x Your Investment in Additional Commissions in 12 Months OR Get Your Money Back (Just Submit Your Completed Program Work & Previous 24 Months of Production Results within 30 Days of Last Group Call)

Master & Add 1 Powerful Sales Conversation Each Month

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Todd Riggs - Agency Owner

Thanks for helping our team get better at helping our customers. I highly recommend Wade’s program. It was time and money well spent.

Sylvia Rusche - Agency Owner

I do think your classes separate the "men from the boys" in this business, and that's a good thing. When it becomes uncomfortably apparent that the sale of life insurance is required to do a complete & ethical job for the client, a staff person who has not bought into that philosophy will many times self discover that this is not the right career path for him/her.

Steve Diorio - Agency Owner

If you’re committed to implementing a sales process in your office & have your team involved every step along the way, Wade can help your team understand the value of holistic advising & situational awareness by asking the right questions of policyholders & then taking next steps to satisfy the need identified in the answer.
Wade coaches to the skill set of your team.
He is outcome oriented & more conversant with our company culture & systems than any coach I’ve experienced.

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Mike Pynnonen - Team Member

I am very excited about the class & how it has re-energized me to promote life products.

I really like your philosophy that you don't try to force products on people…you simply have the conversation, which initiates thought , which leads to sales.

Your approach creates a non-threatening feeling in your client, which I really like.

Aubrey Boudreau - Team Member 

Since we have started working with Wade, I have seen a significant difference in my sales, and my client relationships, who are much more receptive. I am seeing consistent referrals.

Wade’s process has become second nature to me. I am less stressed at work & having more fun overall.

Wade has helped me be the most effective, successful & impactful sales person I can be.

It has helped me in my professional life and in my everyday life. I am more confident, able to make better decisions & making more money.

Patrick Tatro - Team Member

Wade's case study & role play approach helps us refine our natural customer message which leads to immediate & significant sales results.

He is constantly updating and improving his message and tools to incorporate good ideas from his customers.

His understanding of each team member's role and their unique individual backgrounds helps facilitate team building within the office throughout the training process.

His services are invaluable to our agency and to my personal development.


$100 per Month per Agency

  • 3 Sales Training Calls per Month
  • 3 "Role Play 1-on-1 with Others" Calls per Month
  • All Documents, Materials & Training
  • Sales Conversation Coaching Call
  • Monthly Client Case Studies Call
  • Sales Activity & Conversion Call
  • Related Sales Tools / Forms
  • Sales Conversation Guides
  • Activity & Conversion Tracking Tools
$100 / Month - REGISTER NOW
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